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A tailor made experience just for you

​VIP  Service

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Diners and American Express.

For many foreign business people finding a taxi driver that takes credit cards can be a problem. I accept most major credit cards.

.... And of course we even take cash!

Events  Service

So your going to a concert or event. Why not book me and meet at a prearranged place when the event is over?  My knowledge of Dublin is vast so I can get you to and from your event quickly and efficiently. 


Private Tours

Are you in Dublin for a few days? Maybe you want to have  a day trip to the Cliffs of Moher. I can plan your day including meal stops and places of interest along the day. Your day trip starts at 8am and you will be back in your Dublin hotal by 8pm. Price agreed before departure. 

Private  Service

Are you a business person in Dublin for a few days?  Why not have a private driver? Instead of finding a new driver every trip contact me and we will arrange a schedule that suits you. One total fare and one receipt for your accounts.

Private  Service

Whether its a trip to Wicklow or tour around the sights of Dublin, I can arrange a lovely day out for you. Maybe a trip to Powercourt gardens followed by a walk around Glendalough.

​VIP  Service

Book your taxi before you land and have me pick you up the moment you arrive.

Away on holidays? Just give me a call before you get on the plane and I'll be there to pick you up at the this end.

Interested in hiring us for one of your special events?


“It was great to meet you Rod – thanks for that. You’re a great ambassador for the country!”
– Miriam O’Callaghan, Dublin


“It was a pleasure being taken to the airport by you this morning. For all the trouble I missed my flight(!) and have another night in the Airport Radisson -after repeated calls to Air Canada in India to get a flight out tomorrow. It was a great pleasure to meet you and I wish you the very best.”
– Dale Guy, Canada


“I met Rod when I was on one of my many trips to the wonderful city of Dublin! Now, when I’m back in the city, I contact Rod to pick me up from the airport, because I know I won’t get ripped off and also I get a bit of a tour and history lesson during the journey – which is fab! During my last visit to Dublin, I had about 6 hours notice that I was flying to Dublin. I text Rod whilst on way to the airport to see if he could pick me up in a few hours and he was fantastic. Not only was he able to pick me from the airport, but he was able to find me a hotel – and got me a discount on it too! I extended my stay in Dublin and Rod took me on a tour of the southside and I even discovered Dublin had moutains. I had done various Dublin tours before but found Rod’s tour a far better way of seeing Dublin. You and friends can see Dublin YOUR way, it’s more personal as you can cut out parts of the tour that don’t interest you. So if you take photos of every location you visit, you know you’re not boring the rest on the tour! Lastly, as I am looking to do more business in Dublin, Rod was able to help me with parts of that. See you next time I’m in the city and looking forward to discovering more of Ireland. Thank you”
– Mayah Riaz, UK

This is Cory

Cory story

- you meet great people when you are a taxi man

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Dublin Taxi

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